Fine Line Tattoos


Fine line tattoos at Baan Khagee Tattoo Chiang Mai

Our fine line tattoos mainly represent nature and animal which are incorporated with geometric elements and dot work 

Fine line and animal tattoo done in blue inks on forearm
A fine line arrow tattoo combined with line and dot circles
Fine line black snake tattoo wrapped on the arm with dot work on its head
A '3 line hexagons' tattoo with different nature themes on each hexagon
A line lotus tattoo combined with geometric line work
A solar system tattoo mixed with line work on the back of a calf
A fine line lotus tattoo with Thai phrase on the back of a calf
A geometric nature line work tattoo on the leg
A flying barn owl tattoo with fine line branches and geometric elements as a background
An ornamental fine line lotus tattoo on the back
Mountains tattoo with abstract mounains lin work onthe calf
A line work snake wih leaves pattern on it added with moon phrase at th top
A fine line monkey tattoo with leaves pattern inside
A 'fine line flowers' band tattoo
A line work meditation tattoo combined with line work chakra and Thai phrase
A line work lotus tattoo and roses on the shoulder
A 70' art piece inspired line work tattoo
Fine line compass tattoo with dot work world map and geometric background
A monkey god sakyant tattoo on the arm
A line work tattoo of a moon, sun and flower combined
An ornamental lotus line work on the middle of the chests
A line work wolf with some touches of colored plants on the back of the thigh
An octopus tattoo done in sketchy line style
A line work 'Thai noodle' tattoo on the upper arm
An owl tattoo done in line work style with leaves flying around
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