Small Things Matter 

Get 1 Give 1

Wrapped Gift

Tattoo gift card give away, tat 1 get 1 free

Have you got a New Year present for someone you care yet?

Now - 31st January 2020

Get 1 tattoo at Baan Khagee Tattoo,
Get 1 free tattoo gift card for giving away as a New Year present 

A gift card giver

  • A tattoo needs to be at least 4"x4" or has decent details in it

  • Preferably done in my style but please let me know if you're into something else

  • After you get a tattoo done, you will get 1 free tattoo gift card that you can give it away 

  • A gift card is for giving away only

A gift card receiver 

  • Only 10 spots available, 1 tattoo per person 

  • Only choose available designs from here

  • A given tattoo is a palm size max

  • First come, first serve. (your spot will be reserved after you contact us and confirm your design and date with a given gift card picture)

My tattoo style

Mainly represents animal and nature with the mix of realistic, abstract and line work. More tattoos ✏️

We are not in the city but on the mountains in Mae Wang


"Professional, clean studio tucked away in the beautiful mountains"  

"The studio is cozy, welcoming and more of a friend's home"  

"The location makes the whole thing memorable"  

"Nate showed us around and took care of almost everything"  

🚙 We will meet and pick you up halfway at Ban Kat Market

We also give 1

Small Things Matter x Pang Ma O

1 tattoo = 1 hour for kids education

How to get here?

There are 3 ways to come here; Grab taxi, local yellow truck or drive yourself. More info 🛵

Interested to come?

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