Small Things Matter 

Pang Ma O

A smile-sharing project with the kids in Pang Ma O village

What is Pang Ma O?

Pang-Ma-O is a small Karen village on the mountains where there are about 20 houses and about 20 kids. It takes around 1 hour and a half from Baan Khagee Tattoo Studio to get there. 

How did this start?

I first went there with Golo to do volunteer, and I really liked the kids there. So I've been going back since and it's been around 2 years already. 

Why "Small Things Matter" ?

I initially wanted to have "Big Things Matter" but you can't say big if there are just 10-15 kids, and what you do is to just give them smile 😆

Seriously though, since the beginning I had considered what I was about to do as a really small thing, just to give them smile. But I felt that it's a simple thing that we can do to anyone at anytime. They would be happy having someone sharing them smile and I would be happy seeing them smile too, because...small things matter. 

What have I been doing?

I have been simply sharing them smile through activities. Games, arts, dancing, sports, or sometimes we just had some talk and laugh together. 

Body word game
A Baan Khagee Logo
Tree decoration
Kwanchai's birthday
Having fun throwing beans to one another
Big smile from Chompoo
Dacne it out
Dalika showing her sparkler
Art time
Nail painting
Animal dancing
Pizza day
Tug of joy

Jungle walk & Fire 🔥

They had been thrilled to take us through their backyard jungle, so we finally did it. And of course, we had a jungle party there 🍢

Jungle fire party
Grilled meat ball is looking good
We about to have fire 🔥
Dalika's ready to rock 🍢

Christmas's party 🎄

Christmas is definitely a big day for them, so we asked out friends to join and shared the kids smile, big time ☀️

Chompoo is on 🔥
Loads of gifts from friends and customers
We bought new shirts for the kids as Christmas gifts
Food station
Santa Nate
Let's Bang!
Ho ho ho 🎅
Tug of war on Christmas

Smile with our customers 🌸

Some customers did come to share smile to the kids with us too.

Bel and her friends brought a lot of items and joy
Gijs and Eve dancing with the kids
Pat had the kids try fruity ice-cream
Making kites with Gijs and Eve
Tug of war with Gijs and Eve
Thanks to Gijs and Eve for a big day

More smile 🌼

Kite running
Big smile from Booboo
Chali gets her new shoes
Girl band
First time having pizza for the kids
Kwanchai and I getting pizza ready
Malee enjoying her cake

Golo ☀️

Since the first day, she's been on a journey sharing smile to the kids with me. And from a volunteer friend when we first met, now she's my girlfriend 😆🌸

Too slippery!!
Golo brings up clothes for the kids
Golo brings new shoes to Booboo

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