Small Things Matter 
Pang Ma O

1 tattoo you get
1 hour I dedicate giving the kids education

What is Pang Ma O?

Pang-Ma-O is a small village on the mountains where there are 17 houses and less than 15 kids. The village is located on the mountains, around 20km. from the main road (which is also on the mountains). It takes around 40 minutes to 1 hour from the main road to reach the village since the road is not friendly for your tires at all, and almost impossible to reach when it rains since the whole road will turn into the mud pool. 

The villagers live really simple lives over there. They grow rice and raise animals themselves, and occasionally searching through the forest or hunt for food. Men usually go out for work during the day, and women stay home taking care of household chores. 

Education is at minimal degree, as there is no school at their own village. There are only a few kids who go to school, which is at 2 villages away, and they need to stay at the school throughout the weekday since it's simply too far to go back and forth everyday. There is supposed to have a teacher coming up to the village once a month for a few days at the time, but it actually happens that he has come once for a few months. 

Meeting the kids

What will I do?

For each tattoo you get at Baan Khagee Tattoo, will be 1 hour I dedicate giving the kids education. 

We have learned many things now such as, English, counties, animals. Playing many games such as Taboo and small businesses. Doing many arts like painting glasses, making masks. Most importantly, I'd like to see them smile. 

What am I aiming?

I am aiming to give them necessary knowledge and skills as much as possible. I will be happy to find these kids' passions and what they're good at. Then equip them with the right knowledge and skills, so that they will be their tools to write their own futures. 

And I will make sure that all I do will give them a good time 💛 


My tattoos mainly represent animal and nature with the mix of realistic, abstract and line work

My tattoo studio

Baan Khagee Tattoo is my tattoo studio. It is tucked away in the mountains area in Mae Wang, Chiang Mai. It's also close to many elephant camps, rafting spots, waterfalls and many natural places if you'd like to explore. 

How to get here?

There are 3 ways to come here; Grab, local yellow truck or drive yourself

Interested to come?

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