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How to come to
Mae Wang by 

My friend and I were having beers and thinking what should we do tomorrow 

"Have you been to Mae Wang?" Me shooting a question out of nowhere

"Not yet, but I heard. Hey, is it far from the city?" My friend replied

"Going to Pai takes 3-3.5 hours, going to Mae Wang takes 1-1.5 hours. So it takes some time but not too bad" Me trying to point out

"How does the road look like?" My friend seemed a bit interested

"Way easier than Pai's road. You have 2 choices to start: the canal road which is easier to drive but a bit boring or you can take Chiang Mai - Hang Dong road, that one is more of the traffic bit there are a lot of things to stop by" Me 

"If you don't want to drive, you can take Grab or local yellow truck" Still me

--You can read more from here: How to get to Baan Khagee Tattoo--

"Alright then, tomorrow I'll drive, and you come with me?" My friend

"Hell yeah" Me 

Tomorrow has come 

"Which way we going?" My friend

"The canal road is too easy, just following the canal. So let's take the Chiang Mai - Hang Dong road" Me

"Cool, where to start?" My friend

"Starting from Chiang Mai Central Airport, go towards Hang Dong (Route 108)" Me

"Hey, you want anything like this? You should check it out, they're all made from natural materials. Bags, hats, mats, boxes, everything. The one I recommend is at opposite road to the Koolpunt Ville Project 9" Me


"Then you will see Kad Farang on your left. Kad Farang is a shopping community. You can stop by checking it out, just in case you need some snacks or anything. There are also restaurants, cafes and banks" Me


"Then there is North Chiang Mai University and Big C on your left" Me

"Hey do we need to turn somewhere?" My friend

"Yeah, you see a bunch of banks over there? Be ready" Me

"Alright, see that 1013 sign?  Turn right where the truck turns, just right before Kasikorn Bank (the green one)" Me

"Then keep on going straight for around 10 minutes until you reach Ban Kad Market. Yeah, you will see PTT gas station from the distance" Me

"Are you hungry?  You can buy food at Bad Kad or if you want somewhere to sit, I have something you might like" Me

"Let's go sit somewhere then" My friend

"The view is good eh?" Me

"There you go, you see that sign? Turn right. But, hang on!!!!! Stop there at your left, it's a noodle restaurant" Me

"This one, and my favorite is "Yen-ta-fo-tom-yum". It's noodle with pink spicy-sour soup" Me

"Alright, that's it. From here you just follow the main road to the mountains" Me letting my friend stayed in silence and taking nap




Story and pictures by Nate at Baan Khagee Tattoo 

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