Hygiene standards & Aftercare 

Hygiene Standards

Even though you will come as a friend at Baan Khagee, a tattoo studio on the mountains in Chiang Mai, but your safety will be treated professionally. 

  • Tattoo room
    We keep it neat and clean

  • Needles and inks
    All needles are disposable
    All tattoo inks are name brand, such as Dynamic, Eternal and Fusion, and NEVER reused

    All tattoo inks are vegan 

  • Equipments and work station
    All equipment, bed and work station are covered with plastic and will be replaced every session

  • Metal tattoo gribs
    grips are cleaned with ultrasonic cleaner after every session

  • Gloves
    Before each session starts, new gloves are applied and will be replaced if the artist leave the work station

Vegan-friendly tattoo studio in Chiang Mai

To all vegan friends, all of our tattoo inks are name-brand, high quality and plant based inks.

Our main work are blackwork tattoo; which our black ink is from Dynamic ink


Meanwhile we're using Eternal Ink and Fusion Ink for our color work.


After your tattoo is completed, we will apply a special tattoo film that is waterproof, breathable and antimicrobial in order to keep your tattoo well-protected. It also makes your trip easier when you're traveling 😉  

Treat your tattoo like an open wound especially in the first week

  • Don't wash your tattoo with any soup but just water. Remember to be gentle with it and gently pat dry

  • Avoid staying under the sun for too long

  • Avoid swimming, exercise or stretch your skin which
     might damage your tattoo

  • Don't scratch or pick up the healing skin

After a few days of your session (and the film's taken off), you should keep your skin moist by applying moisturizing cream on your tattoo, 2-4 times a day until healing is complete - usually around 7-14 days. However, avoid putting too much cream on the tattoo.

Baan Khagee Tattoo Chiang Mai