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Mae Wang

Living the green

This is how my tattoo story in Mae Wang has begun

Me, was living in Chiang Mai city, and getting bored

One day, I was visiting Chai Lai Orchid in Mae Wang. And met one girl.

She asked me if I wanted to join an English Camp for the kids.

I was thoroughly thinking for 2 seconds, and said "เอาดิ่", means yes

4 days with the kids in the camp was not just really fun but also...

I made new friends, met local people, had real good food, and saw lots of green


(Volunteering at the English Camp in Mae Sapok village)

- Then it's time to go back to Chiang Mai - 

A few days later, I went back to Mae Wang again, this time to my friend's village

On the way to the village, it started to get gloomy cloudy.......well 🙄

Then it started to rain...........okay, we go slow 😬

Then the wind got stronger...........hmmmm, okay now rain is heavy 😨

For the sudden, there's got mist.............sheessse, now we can't see 😱

And then hell brought hail to us!..................there you go, today is the last day 👻

Unfortunately for anyone who tried to kill us that day, we made it alive

We then spent time with the kids at the village, and had some exotic food 

(After hell had broken loose, we made it to my friend's house) 

- Then it's time to go back to Chiang Mai -

Nahh, no more Chiang Mai city anymore

Just like that, I have decided moving to Mae Wang

Yeah, but anyone can move to Mae Wang, no?

Well, yes except if you're a tattoo artist

But the thing is Mae Wang is definitely worth living if you love nature and simple life. 

I will tell you more about the things you should come explore


Wat Luang Khun Win

The temple in silence


Story and pictures by Nate at Baan Khagee Tattoo 

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