Ethereal Tattoos


Ethereal tattoos at Baan Khagee Tattoo Chiang Mai

Our ethereal tattoos mainly represent nature and animal in the mixture of realistic, abstract art and line work. They might carry different stories embedded by each wearer but they all "FLOW".

Nature tattoo incorporated with abstract art and geometric linework
Abstract nature full sleeve tattoo
Abstract smoke forearm tattoo.JPG
A nature scene tattoo incorporated line work and abstract art done on forearm
An abstract crane tattoo with line work incorporated
A black work fox tattoo on its motion on the calf
An owl tattoo with geometric background with 2 ravens flying out
A "flying birds" tattoo in different motions on the arm
A linework arrow tattoo with lotus flowers moving out towards the wrist
A black work jaguar tattoo done in ethereal style
A connected nature tattoo on both arms
A black work wolf face tattoo flowing on the back
A blackwork manta ray tattoo flowing with the solar planets and small fish
A 'half etherel half geometric' linework fox tattoo curling on the thigh
A 'half ethereal half geometric' linework deer tattoo on the shin
An ethereal nature art work on the calf
An abstract ethereal art on the leg
A realistic panda tattoo with smoke on the chest
A whale tattoo done in ethereal style with some leaves on the waist
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