What people say about Baan Khagee Tattoo Chiang Mai

"I won't say I'm the best but I'll always give my best to everyone, and here are some kind words that my customers left  for me"

First tattoo experience, how was it? 

Highly recommend you check out Nate if you're ever in Chiang Mai! Very talented and super humble about his work. Professional, clean studio tucked away in the beautiful mountains, about 45 minutes from the city. Nate's attention to detail and service is outstanding! For him it's not just about the money but you can tell that he's passionate about his work and giving back to the community. Felt good getting my first real tattoo from him. Couldn't be more happier with the entire experience. Will definitely come back again someday. Thank you, Nate. See you again, friend.

Franklin Paniagua

I was really scared of the pain but when the art really started, because of the thin needle Nate (the AMAZING tattoo artist I’m strongly recommending to you) used, the pain was pretty bearable. And he was super super nice, checking with me if I was having any negative feelings, so the first tattoo was done in a greatly enjoyable atmosphere. Can’t wait to get more!The studio is just so clean, neat, cozy and welcoming. Nothing cold as a conventional image of a tattoo shop but more of a friend’s home (for me it truly is tho).If you are thinking to get one special tattoo, here’s the place you can’t miss!

I recommend to anyone who's planning to get a tattoo when in Chiang Mai, going to the studio is part of the experience! I got my 1st tattoo with Nate and it was great! We had a great talk and he designed the tattoo, which in fact is amazing. When I got there I felt like at home. The studio is really clean and because is away from the city it has great chilling vibes. I made the tattoo in 2 sections and even stayed for the night, he showed some extremely local places with nice food. I had a great time in there :)

My husband and I both got our first tattoos with Nate. This experience was exactly what we were looking for in getting our first tattoo. To be honest we were pretty intimidated by the tattoo shop atmosphere. The tattoo experience with Nate was up in the mountains in nature. Even though it's a bit of a drive from Chiang Mai, Nate made the whole process very easy. He communicated with me for weeks ahead of time to make sure I got the exact design and size that I wanted. He met us halfway and drove us to his place in the mountains. He has a beautiful location and very clean tattoo room. His artwork and tattoo style is very impressive and visually appealing. I was pretty nervous but he made everything a lot better! We are both very happy with the end result. Thanks a lot and maybe we will see you again for the next one :)

Nate is lovely, sweet,patient and easy to communicate with!
I got my first....3 tattoos in one day with him. Yeah. Lol
The “not complete circle” was a new idea I just brought up to him when I got to the studio yesterday.
Squirrel and the bamboo are for my special year this year and the expectation for myself.
Both meant something important for me.
I didn’t take a clear and good enough pictures, but they are amazing!
I recommend Nate to whoever wanna natural and animal styles.
Check out his website, his styles and works! Prettty ❤️

What other awesome friends say about Nate?

Nate is an awesome artist. I know him because he’s recommended by my fd. I sent him some pictures that I would like to have then he will design for you. I would suggest if you are looking for the tattoo with the nature style just simply give Nate a shout. You won't regret it that's for sure. Nate thanks so much for the hard work and creative design.During the small talk with him I found that The reason for him to open his shop on the mountain is he really love nature. Though it’s a bit far away from the city but it really worth. It’s great place if you want to get rid of the crowed in the city. I highly recommended you to stay for a night coz there are lots of things you can do near his shop like playing with the elephant, rafting and trekking. Also, thanks for his friends showing me the heritage of Karen. Many thanks for the hospitality you showed me. 

Phyllis Ng

Positive: Cleanliness, Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Value

Easily the best tattoo experience. Hands down. Nate is a wonderful artist who runs a clean comfortable studio tucked away in the mountains west of Chiang Mai. He is personable, hospital, communicable, and easy going. The location is tranquil and adds to the air of the natural experience. Before receiving the tattoo, Nate worked with me designing an original idea that we both loved. During the session, he made sure I was comfortable and content. In between sessions, Nate never hesitated to educate me on the surrounding area, the cultures and the landscape. He pointed out several beautiful spots to go check out as well, adding to the adventure of the experience. If intention, beauty, and quality are what you're looking to get then this is the right spot.
Thank you for the truly beautiful experience.


I got my 3rd tattoo today from Nate and I couldn't be more happy about it. Each tattoo he draws & gets under your skin is a masterpiece. He has a very unique style that I highly appreciate and hope many others will too as you don't find this anywhere else. He is amazing with dot/line work but also other styles. I fully trust that any tattoo I will get from him is another unique piece that I can keep close. Besides he donates time to educate kids in the depth of the jungle to help them improve their education and I love that he does good with every tattoo he creates ♡ Thanks for your wonderful work Nate.

Nate’s style is unique and once I saw his work I knew I wanted a tattoo! I spent the weekend up in the mountains while my boyfriend and I each got tattooed. It looks so good and, to boot, Nate is super welcoming and eager to point you towards extraordinary spots in the mountainside. I’m so happy with the result and the chance to get respite from city life!

Positive: Cleanliness, Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Value

Ive been at Nate’s place on the 21st of February, and he was just amazing. Beside being an extremely talented yet humble person, the tattoo he made was just mindblowing and basically painless. If you want to live an experience, getting out of Chiang Mai , close to the mountains, to know a great person and get a special artwork, this is definitely the place!