Tattoo Chiang Mai:
Tattoo artist on the mountains

at Baan Khagee Tattoo Studio Chiang Mai

When you come to Chiang Mai and interested in getting a tattoo, there will be some factors that you might take them for consideration such as, studios, locations, prices and of course Tattoo Artists

Chiang Mai is well known for many forms of art, and tattoo is one of them. There are so many great artists in all over Chiang Mai. Most of them are based in Chiang Mai old city (The square) and down town area (Tha Phae Gate and Night Bazaar). But then there is one on the mountains. That's Nate. 


"Is he crazy?"


Those are possibly one of your thoughts. Then the following questions might be who is this guy and what does he do up on the mountains. Well then, let's meet Nate, a tattoo artist on the mountains at Baan Khagee Tattoo Studio 

1. Hello, it's Nate

A tattoo artist on the mountains at Baan Khagee Tattoo Chiang Mai

Nate, a tattoo artist in Chiang Mai
Nate, a tattoo artist in Chiang Mai
Nate, a tattoo artist on the mountains
Nate, a tattoo artist on the mountains

2. What tattoos does he do?

Nate is so passionate about nature, so his tattoos mainly reflect nature and animals (Surprise! 😂) in the mixture of realism, abstract art and fine linework.

There are 4 main categories presented by Nate from Baan Khagee Tattoo Studio Chiang Mai; 

3. Where is his tattoo studio?

Baan Khagee Tattoo Chiang Mai is his tattoo studio 

It's located up on the mountains in Mae Wang, Chiang Mai. But why has he come that far?
"Well, I always love nature and simple lifestyle. One day I came visiting Mae Wang and fell in love with it. The mountains scene was beautiful. People here was friendly, and ready to jump in to help you. It was so peaceful and super chill. Plus, I love giving back to communities especially things with kids, which Mae Wang gave me big opportunity to do that"   

4. A project with kids

He has been on a project called Small Things Matter x Pang Ma O. The idea of the project is...

1 tattoo you get will be 1 hour he spends for kids' education in Pang Ma O village.

📝 More of STM x Pang Ma O project

5. Hygiene standards 

Even though Nate is on the mountains and you will be welcome as a friend, your safety will be treated professionally. 

💯 New needles
🌐 Name brand inks
🌿 Vegan inks
🛡️ Protective tattoo film for aftercare

6. A bit about Nate

He is super chill and will make sure you have a good time on the mountains. If you'd love to explore things around there, let him know. He will be so happy to guide you or even show you around. 

One thing he really recommends is Wat Luang Khun Win: the secret temple in the jungle

7. How to get here?

He really encourages his customers to take a yellow truck, so they can enjoy the local lifestyle more. But taking Grab taxi will work easily too. 

Then he will come meet and pick you up halfway at Ban Kat Market. 

But of course, if you love to drive to the studio yourself, it's a good way to enjoy the local too. 

🛵 How to get here?

Presented by Baan Khagee Tattoo

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