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I love to everybody

I have been to many "must-go" everybody

It was fun doing "must-do" everybody

Then, I started to go off the track 

I started to go where the crowd would not go

I went off the main roads more see how the locals live

I stopped more at local tiny restaurants.....eating the same as the locals eat

I stopped more at local grocery stores.....trying to find the ice-creams and snacks that I used to have when I was a kid

Instead of just going see stuff, I stayed with the locals more (especially with indigenous people).....learning how they lived their lives

This is what I'm passionate about .... "local lifestyle"

Now, I'd love to share my passion with you, experiencing the local lifestyle and this is how...

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How I share my passion

It's all สบาย สบาย


Taking the local yellow truck
(Ban Kat-บ้านกาด)

Different from the red truck, which go around the city and you need to negotiate its fare, the local yellow truck will go out of the city with the fixed routes and fares. This is where you can take it

The (Ban Kat-บ้านกาด) yellow truck (or occasionally Mae Wang-แม่วาง) will bring you to Ban Kat Market which normally takes around 45 minutes. You will be sitting on the back which is open-air with (usually) local passengers. Then you will get off at Ban Kat market.

Of course if you'd prefer a more convenient way, you can take Grab as well and get off at Ban Kat Market.


I'll pick you up at Ban Kat Market

If you take the yellow truck or Grab taxi, I'll meet and pick you up at Ban Kat Market which is the biggest market in Mae Wang. It's a local market where they sell local food, and anything you need in the household.

If you like to drive to the studio yourself, that's a good way to explore things too 😎 

***Please use Baan Khagee Tattoo's location on Google Map not Facebook map


Eating local food

Have you ever been curious of what we actually eat here?

There are lots of good local food that you may not have seen before. All are at the tiny-open air 
restaurants (some of them are not even restaurants 😅). If you'd like to try, we can go fill up our tummies either before or after the session or both. 


Drinks at night

If you stay a night in Mae Wang and want to have a few drinks, we can go check out the places around here. They are small and usually filled up with just a few people at a place but it's fun. 

What you should know 

If you're not staying over night in Mae Wang

  • The (Ban Kat-บ้านกาด) yellow truck from the city to Ban Kat starts at 7am. The one from Ban Kat to the city will finish around 6-7pm

  • It takes around 1.5 hour to come from the city to my studio and another 1.5 hour going back, so please make sure that time will not be an issue

  • I would suggest you to take the yellow truck around 7-9am from the city, so that we can have time to chill on the mountains

If you're going to stay over night in Mae Wang

  • There are a lot of homestays in this area, check it out on Air Bnb here:

  • If you know where you will stay, please let me know

  • If you are staying close by my studio, I'll drive you back to your place after the session. If it's far, please contact your place in advance to see how they will pick you up from my place

If you're already in Mae Wang

  • Please let know where you're staying. I'll see if I can pick you up or you need to take transportation from your place

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