How to get here?

Grab Taxi

The most convenient but the most expensive

Get off at "Ban Kat Fresh Market", I'll pick you up from there

Costs around 400-500 baht 


Yellow Truck

#take the one that goes to Ban Kat-บ้านกาด Or Mae Wang-แม่วาง
Get on at
Chiang Mai Bus Terminal 1
(Chang Phueak Bus Terminal/
Nantaram Road close to 
Nu Nu Nini's cafe

(Close to Saturday Night Market)
#It will start from around 7am until 5pm

Get off at
Ban Kat Market (ตลาดบ้านกาด)
#That will cost 25-35 baht

Then I'll pick you up from there

Drive yourself

If you'd love to drive to my studio yourself, SURE! There are a lot of places along the way to stop by (Elephant camps, waterfalls, temples, local villages and restaurants etc.) 

Starting before 9am would be recommended. It's not too hot and usually there is no police-checking point on the road at the time (I assume you don't have an intention license, haha). ***Please use Baan Khagee Tattoo's location on Google map not Facebook's map

Map full version to Baan Khagee Tattoo Chiang Mai

How to get back?

Local car

I can call any cars that available at that area to take you back to the city - should be around 800 baht

Yellow Truck

I'll drive you back to Ban Kat. The yellow truck from Ban Kat to the city will be around 25-35 baht

You can try to call Grab from there too, but there are not much available - should be around 500 baht

Drive yourself

Enjoy your ride back to the city and don't forget to explore more along the way

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