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Before coming and getting a tattoo at Baan Khagee,

What should I prepare?


Baan Khagee Tattoo Chiang Mai, Thailand

Alright, are you ready for your new tattoo at Baan Khagee? 

Before you start a journey to my studio, there are a bit few things that I would recommend to prepare.

Dry Leaf

Set your schedule free on a tattoo day 

Coming to Baan Khagee is a bit of a journey. It takes around 1 hour and a half from Chiang Mai's old city to get here. That means 3 hours for 2-ways driving, plus a tattoo session will also take some good hours. So I would recommend to set your tattoo day free, so you and I can have a worry-free tattoo session and focus on creating beautiful art together 💛

Please feel free to let me know in advance if you have other plans on a tattoo day, so we can manage the time. 

Sleep well a night before

Try to have good sleep a night before, that includes limiting taking alcohol as low as possible or better none
(getting pain while feeling hangover is definitely not fun 😅). 

Here comes a tattoo day....hmm, how do I get there?

Driving here is fun OR you can take Grab/local yellow truck and meet me half way at Ban Kat market.

Baan Khagee Tattoo Chiang Mai Thailand map

Baan Khagee Tattoo map (when it's around 10 mins away)

Fill up your belly before a tattoo session

Especially if your session seems to be long. 

Maybe bring some snack too

Why not, right? 😜
Around half way at Ban Kat market, it’s a good spot to get food or snack. There are local market, local grocery stores, 7-11, restaurants etc. 
If you need coffee, there are plenty of cafes along the way but I do recommend Ma MueangWin (มาเมืองวิน). It’s good and around 5 mins away from my studio. 

Map to Baan khagee Tattoo Chiang Mai CP.jpg

Bring something to entertain

Have you finished your favorite book or series on Netflix? This might be a good chance to do so.

Are you feeling nervous? 

Getting pain...
From a stranger dude…
In the mountains...

If you are, that's normal. I would feel nervous too if I were you. 

At Baan Khagee Tattoo though, we love to welcome you as our friend and want you to have good time as much as possible. 

Some kind words from customers to Baan Khagee Tattoo Chiang Mai

It felt more like I went to a friend's place. 

Make you feel more like visiting good old friends.
P' Whan

When I got there I felt like at home.

More of a friend's home.

Feel like visited my close friend's house. 

A real people person.

See you soon.

Baan Khagee Tattoo Chiang Mai, Thailand

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