Hygiene standards & Aftercare 

Baan Khagee Tattoo Chiang Mai, Thailand

Hygiene Standards

Even though you will come as a friend at Baan Khagee, a tattoo studio in the mountains in Chiang Mai, but your safety will be treated professionally. 

  • Tattoo room
    We keep it neat and clean

  • Needles and inks
    All needles are disposable
    All tattoo inks are name brand, such as Dynamic, Eternal and Fusion, and NEVER reused

    All tattoo inks are vegan 

  • Equipments and work station
    All equipment, bed and work station are covered with plastic and will be replaced every session

  • Metal tattoo gribs
    grips are cleaned with ultrasonic cleaner after every session

  • Gloves
    Before each session starts, new gloves are applied 

Tattoo hygiene standards at Baan Khagee
Tattoo station and hygiene standards at
Putting tattoo stencil and hygiene stand
Tattooing and hygiene standards at Baan

Vegan-friendly tattoo studio in Chiang Mai, Thailand

To all vegan friends, all of our tattoo inks are name-brand, high quality and plant based inks.

Our main work are blackwork tattoo; which our black ink is from Dynamic ink


Meanwhile we're using Eternal Ink and Fusion Ink for our color work.

Vegan tattoo inks at Baan Khagee Tattoo Chiang Mai


After your tattoo is completed, we will apply a special tattoo film, that is waterproof and breathable, in order to keep your tattoo well-protected. It also makes your trip easier when you're traveling 😉  

Tattoo film 101

  • Showering with the film on is fine but do not to soak the tattoo area in water

  • It's normal to see a bit of ink/blood underneath the film

  • Take it off after it's been on around 24 hours

  • If you feel irritated or uncomfortable from the film, you can also gently take it off before 24 hours. That's fine 👌

After taking off the film,

please take care of your fresh tattoo gently for the first couple of weeks.

💙 Wash your tattoo with regular water. Don't wash it with neither soap nor hot water. And gently pat dry 

💙 Keep it moisturized but not OVER moisturized
You can use any cream that you've used before OR maybe go for a fragrance free moisturizing cream for sensitive skin 


🚫 Avoid exposing it directly to sunlight

🚫 Avoid swimming, exercise or stretch your skin which
 might damage your tattoo - keep it dry and clean 

🚫 Don't scratch or pick up the healing skin

Tattoo aftercare and hygiene standards a
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