Wat Luang Khun Win

"There is a beautiful temple in the jungle, have you seen it?" My friend asked 

Me sitting and sipping coffee with a poker face replied back "Naw, you have picture?"

She showed me some pictures and I was like..sheeese with a poker face started cracking

That was a first time I saw Wat Luang Khun Win

Im not usually keen to see any temples but I made a mark on this one

One day I went there with my friend

The road was not the worst but we couldn't chill and sing along the way either

After around 40 minutes we got to the small gate of the temple

"Is this not too small for such a nice temple" me whispering to myself

"Don't do that, that's crazy" another me telling me not to whispering 

Then we walked though the gate......big trees on 2 sides of the path 

Then in front of me, there were 2 big white Naga (statues)

And I started talking to myself again "this is magical, my parents would be jealous for sure"

The atmosphere there was indescribable and the temple was marvelous 

The place was so peaceful and relaxing 

We walked around, chilled for some time and went back

"I will go back again" me still whispering to myself 

Wat Luang Khun Win is definitely worth to visit. The place itself is gorgeous especially with the mist and the fact, that it takes some time on the bumpy road to get there, keeps the visitors at the low level so it still remains peaceful.

When I see something beautiful, I want to see it again. So I went back a couple of times.

If you'd like to come explore yourself, follow me



Starting from Chai Lai Orchid, going further on the 1013 road

Just a few minutes you will get to Baan Sop Win. On your right side, look for this and take that way

Then turn right here (to Karen Eco Lodge)







Some of the view

Follow the sign to Karen Eco Lodge

Alright, you get to Karen Eco Lodge? Doing good, and keep going

And not so long, you will pass this one

If you come in the right time, you will see some of this tree

Then you will get to the Karen village. I encourage you to stop by, see how they live and have some chat with the locals (even though you might not understand each other, haha)

Turn left here

Okay you will see this, keep on going and follow the sign. The road will start to get cracky though. Then go left

Just go straight, NOT the left

At one point, you will get to this. Go left







Keep following the sign, you will reach the (apparently small) gate. Get in

And there you go, Wat Luang Khun Win

Hope you enjoy the trip : )




Story and pictures by Nate at Baan Khagee Tattoo 



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